Tatiana Rozumiak | Lisa Silk Blouse | @nelita1958

We love receiving feedback and pictures from our customers! It means that we are able to share them with you. It also means that you get to see first-hand what our designs look like on "real" people, not models.

Therefore we'd love to share this photo of Iris. Iris is the mother of Denisse M Vera, a well-known designer of beautiful, ethereal pieces.

Iris shared some photos with us, wearing the Lisa Silk Chiffon Blouse.

The Lisa Silk Chiffon Blouse is a gorgeous design piece. The material is lightweight and is easy to wear. Due to the type of material we use, it allows air to flow around your body, providing comfort - especially during the warmer months. To provide extra coverage when wearing this sheer piece, and depending on what you are wearing on the bottom, we recommend you team it up with a slip, like the Alla Satin Slip.

Feel free to send us photos with your garment pieces, so we can share with others. Check-out our Instagram or Pinterest pages for inspiration.

If you live in Sydney and want a custom-made designer dress or piece, then Tatiana Rozumiak is the designer for you.

Tatiana has been a designer for many years and specialises in designer pieces suitable for brides, mother-of-the-brides, formal and evening wear. 

Tatiana takes pride in all her work and makes each item using the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

That's why - for her Sydney customers - she is offering a "custom made" design, providing you with the feel of luxury and one-of-a-kind.

If you'd like to find out more information about how to meet with Tatiana and own your very own design piece, please do not hesitate to contact Tatiana on 0451 970 505 or email: info@tatianarozumiak.com

Tatiana Rozumiak | Custom made designer orders | Sydney

Mother of the Bride

October 01, 2016


mother of bride tatiana rozumiak collections

If you are a mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, you will have numerous unique moments on the big wedding day. Everyone's eyes will be on you as you promenade into the service and when your name called at the reception. What's more? Shouldn't something need to be said about photos? You might not have looked for a dress this vital since your wedding.

Contact Tatiana Rozumiak, and get help in finding the best dress for the big day or you can explore our grace collection which is truly elegant and beautiful, created especially for Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom.

Annamika Calcino | Lisa top, Collette Skirt | Tatiana Rozumiak
Annamika Calcino is a well known Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.

Annamika has a strong following on both her website and Instagram sites.
Annamika showcases the lastest in fashion and beauty, ensuring she represents quality designs. Annamika states she "documents her distinctive and elegantly-assembled garments, providing her avid readers with a selective touch of apparel inspiration."

Annamika has showcased, on her Instagram feed, the Lisa silk chiffon blouse and Colette skirt from Tatiana Rozumiak's Grace collection.

The Lisa blouse is made of quality European material. It presents a polished corporate look, providing comfort and style.

The Lisa blouse is made for everyone! It is a custom made garment, therefore you know it will be the right fit for you.

Shiralee Coleman | Alana Satin Slip | Tatiana Rozumiak

Australian fashion blogger and model, Shiralee Coleman, has recently featured the Alana Satin Slip by Tatiana Rozumiak, on her Instagram account.

Shiralee travels the world for fashion and has a strong following on both her website, and her Instagram.

"Shiralee designs and strategically implemented fashion campaigns from start to finish – from the original creative ideas, producing and styling photo shoots, designing marketing material, and implementing campaigns across print, television and social media. She has strong industry contacts and a professional team that she has worked with for many years in order to achieve results. Her portfolio speaks for itself. Naturally, styling has been a part of Shiralee’s career. This has included fashion shows during Australian Fashion Week, dressing celebrities for red carpet and directing fashion campaign photo shoots."

Shiralee models stunning designs, set in beautiful backdrops and we are therefore honoured that she has modelled, and promoted, our Alana Satin Slip (in white).

The Alana Satin Slip is a gorgeous garment that is custom made and every woman who wears it looks and feels beautiful.

Now is the perfect time to invest in the Alana Satin Slip, during our grand opening sale.

Shiralee Coleman | Alana Satin Slip | Tatiana Rozumiak

Tatiana Rozumiak has been in development for a little while now, so that we can provide you with quality design wear, which is made to the highest quality.

We have sourced our fabric material from Europe and also researched the marketplace to ensure that we are promoting and offering garments that are going to meet your expectations - and we are certain that they are.

Tatiana Rozumiak's designs are purchased online by you, our customer, and the applicable size is chosen once you have perused our size chart.

Once that order has been processed and received by Tatiana Rozumiak, the garment is then made as per your size request.

We had positive feedback in the marketplace saying that the service made it feel more bespoke, that the prices are quite reasonable and that the quality is to a high standard.

Therefore, Tatiana Rozumiak is confident that you will be thrilled with your chosen garment.

If you do have any queries, we suggest you contact us to discuss.